Who is Who at the Big Data for Bees Hackathon


Hi all :wave: I am Anne, co founder of FarmHack! I will be one of your hosts during the hackathon, looking forward to meet everyone! I have a background in animal science, worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, and have been running FarmHack full time for a few years now, with the rest of the team. Really passionate about collaboration and open data, open source, and the future of food and agriculture :honeybee::blue_heart:



My name is Sigmar. I m from Estonia and I m a beekeeper and a Ph.D. student at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, where my field of study is honeybees diseases - in short, I’m studying a pathogen that may be one of the co-causes of the bee’s death (Nosema a. and Nosema c.). My main research area is to find how and whether Interaction of pesticides and pathogens affect honeybee health.

Managing about 150 colonies by myself and growing every year, next year I would like to send about 250 colonies to “survive the winter!” :slight_smile:

So far I`ve been in one hackathon and our team ended up in second place. I believe that with my beekeeping and science experiences, I suit pretty well here and looking forward to meeting all of you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them :slight_smile:


My name is Mart Kullamaa, beekeeper from Estonia. I am civil engineer by education but some 10 years ago started my own professional beekeeping company and currently run a 1000-hive operation. I have been active in the beekeeping community and participated in different beekeepers organizations. Currently I am member of the board of Estonian Professional Beekeepers Association and have represented it in the EPBA (European Professional Beekeepers Association). In conclusion, I am just a beekeeper who knows nothing about programming or data analysis, but I have quite a broad view about the problems that our sector faces and hopefully some interesting and not too utopian ideas to better the situation.
Looking forward to meet everybody!


Hi there!
I’m Rivo, also from Estonia. I’m a software engineer who hasn’t had much contact with bees so far. I’m hoping to help with analyzing data though, as I’ve recently moved towards using data science and machine learning to make sense of data, find patterns and generally come to useful conclusions.
Looking forward to meeting and working with you :slight_smile:


Hi There,

I’m Koos Biesmeijer from the Netherlands. I’m a bee ecologist and pollination researcher and I am co-organising the Hackathon BigDataforBees. All challenges will contribute to boosting bee populations and natural environment of the Netherlands. They will help our national pollinator strategy and potentially also other strategies (e.g. the EU Pollinator Initiative). So I hope you will take part!
If you have any questions about bees, pollinators, pollination and related issues feel free to ask.

The challenge I have put in is related to Green Infrastructure where evidence-based tools can make a big difference in ecological quality of roads, railways, bussines parks, building estates and municipal green spaces.
Looking forward to meet you all and support you in every way possible.


Hi all!

I’m Nieke Knoben and I work at Naturalis Biodiversity Center. Together with Annette Piepers from ‘Groene Cirkels Bijenlandschap’ I have posted a challenge on the Groene Cirkels Bijenlandschap initiative that you will find below. Great to see how much work is prepared already to make this hackathon on bees a great success.

I’m really looking forward to meet you all on Friday!


My name is Marten Schoonman. I’m a beekeeper and technologist, bio process engineer by education. I’m co-founder of the Beep foundation. Our main aim is to help modernise beekeeping by using digitale means in a meaningful and affordable way. We’ve developed a beekeeping app, to register manual observations and keep overview. To bridge the gap between usefulness for beekeepers and scientists, we’re invested in an extensive, standardised data structure. We are developing a smart beehive scale which measures automatically what the colony is doing and how they are functioning. We make use of existing open source solutions such as Hiveeyes and share what we develop open source as well. Our vision is a national network of beehives being monitored to enable a real-time monitoring of the state of honeybees. More info: www.beep.nl


Hi all, my name is Pim van Gennip, I am an industrial design engineer that loves software and hardware programming. I am member of the board for the Beep foundation and work on both the Beep app (software) and the Beep measurement system (hardware) development. Next to this I have my own company (https://iconize.nl/index_en.html) with which I create a lot of IoT products and data visualisations.

For the hackathon, I would like to bring my software mocking and visualisation skills, as well as some honey bee knowledge to the table. See you all Friday!


My name is Laurens Hogeweg, I’m a deep learning engineer and scientist at Naturalis Biodiversity Center and am working on automatic specifies identification from multimedia (images, video, audio). We just recently released the first version of a web service (https://identify.biodiversityanalysis.nl/) for image-based species identification for the Netherlands and Belgium containing almost 15,000 species. The image recognition is made possible because of our collaboration with Waarneming.nl/Observation.org. Waarneming.nl is a collaborative community platform for recording nature observations and has collected more than 10 million pictures of the Dutch biodiversity since their inception.

For the hackathon I present a challenge on relating bumblebees to flowers using image recognition.

About the Big Data for Bees Hackathon

Hi there. I’m Michiel Schram, an Operational Datamanager helping out organisations to exchange (geo-)data in a proper way. My main data dossiers are about our natural environment and as a son of a beekeeper (over 40 hives) I would love to share my knowledge with you. On friday I will help you out as a data coach so don’t hesitate to discuse your data strugles with me.

💾 Data usage and troubleshooting 🛠


My name is Inge La Rivière and I have great interest in Biodiversity (Herbs, Insects), Ecological Management and Farming for Nature. I work at Wageningen Environmental Research as a Software Engineer and I am also part of a Insects Working Group (i.o.).

Earlier this year I was part of the HERBee :honeybee: team that won the rewarding nature hackathon and I went to the Dutch/Estonian hackathon in Estonia as a mentor.


Hi everybody, I am Josien, I am fulltime with FarmHack so I can refer to my intro at the over arching 👋 Introductions 👋 Very exciting to read who we will meet in the BD4Bees Hack this weekend!
I know little about pollinators, but I know about farming and I plan to be working on the Farming for Nature challenge


Hi all,

I am Niels Raes, the national node manager for the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (http://gbif.org) from where you probably will get a lots of data on bees and flowering plants. If you need any assistance you can reach me at nlbif@naturalis.nl. One important aspect on data use from GBIF is that the datasets should be correctly cited, something that is often forgotten. I wish you all a very succesfull hackaton.

💾 Data usage and troubleshooting 🛠

Hi all. I am Jacomijn Pluimers and work with WWF on Farming for Nature:
Farming has an impact on biodiversity but also depends on the services nature provices. We believe agriculture can be part of the solution and help enhance biodiversity. To promote farming with nature we need new business models for farmers ad reward farmers for their performance for nature. How can we use big data, satellite data, photo’s and data from farmers to provide reliable data for rewarding by different stakeholders (dairy companies, water boards, drinking water companies, land owners etc) . Key for success is that farmers are in the driving seat for these data. They support the data and farmers share the data with the stakeholders that are willing to reward farmers.
Below the summary of the challenge Farming for/with nature


I’m Stefan, beekeeper, open data enthousiast and software developer. I generally produce big data and build extract-transform-load software to process it.


Hi, I am Madhu, I am a Full Stack Programmer (Frontend and Backend) and a UX Designer (now learning Machine Learning). I am interested in social impact, farming, bio diversity and creating an ecological balance. I took part in the soil hack two weeks ago and I was part of the winning team at the Estonian hackathon.

Unfortunately I a recovering from fever and sore throat so I won’t be able to make it physically today but I am up for remote support. If you need any help with regards to visualizing/data crunching, shoot me a message! I am hoping to come tomorrow for the results (if I feel better). All the best everyone!

Farming for Nature Challenge

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Hi all,
I’m Arjen de Groot. I am working as an ecologist at Wageningen Environmental Research and am involved in various pollination studies. As such I am involved in this Hackaton as one of the data suppliers. Unfortunately i could only be present myself this morning, but if you have any questions about the datasets on bees supplied by WUR, dont hesitate to contact me via this forum.


Hi I am Stefano. I am from Rome and love data science. I am a systems administrator working at the Milieuwijzer in The Hague. I hope to be inspired by your skills and presentations!