Tractor yearly cycle data


Hello everybody! Let me first introduce myself, my name is Yash Kulkarni and i work at Multi Tool Trac. We make electric/hybrid tractors that minimizes soil compaction and provides farmers with a very unique machine that aids organic farming.

Our interest in farmhack comes from the desire to make a duty cycle that resembles the operation of tractor throughout the year. The goal of our company is to make a tractor that has better performance (as in reduced fuel consumption and operational costs) and better yield at the same time. Our initial tests and simulations show that the fuel consumption can be reduced by 20% if we can completely understand how the tractor is going to be operated.

Some farmers who are connected with Multi Tool Trac offered to help us make a duty cycle. But this data is from very few farmers so we need more such data from other farmers to optimize our powertrain even better and this can also help us understand the requirements of a tractor clearly.

Also if farmers has any logged data about their day to day operations and wishes to share such data with us then please contact me at my mail address


Hi, at vandenborneaardappelen we collect lots off tractor data. Is somebody from Beijer Automotive at the hackathon? They should be able to give our data, if not let me know what you need.


That’s wonderful to hear. Thank you so much for your response. And there was someone from Beijer Automotive in the morning but he left in the afternoon. May i know your email address so that i can contact you for more details?