Serious Gaming Challenge


The idea is to empower the large number of societal and other initiatives that want to do ‘something’ for bees, but lack practical knowledge about soil-plant-bee-relations and bee friendly management. The necessary data and knowledge is available, but scattered in institutions and around the internet.


The idea is to build a serious game that allows users learn about relevant soil, plant and bee relations and bee friendly management. And even induce (regional) collaboration and finetuning between stakeholders, to induce and facilitate smart and effective bee friendly seeding and mowing practices.

The idea is to introduce different levels of complexity, for instance

  • Level 1: Right plants in the right place
  • Level 2: Right management at the right time. You lose bees when you mow at the wrong time or with the wrong machine. You win bees if your vegetation becomes more diverse with a larger bloom time, and your management is geared to maximum biodiversity.
  • Level 3: You not only win bees, but also in some cases euros, which you can use for more biodiversity in other locations.

We can also anticipate smart ways to have outcomes of the game lead to tangible results ‘in real life’, such as turning game results into winning proposals, build bee oases and induce bee monitoring (“who sees them flying? How many different bees fly in the bee oasis”).


  • Vegetation Index
  • Bee data
  • BGT
  • COBRA tree database with pollen and nectar values

About the Big Data for Bees Hackathon

Thanks @Sonne! I will be posting a link to github page later this week so participants can start navigating some of the data (work in progress :gift:)


Hello, how is it going? Ready to pitch to the jury? :slight_smile:



Here it is: the link to the Happy Bee Happy Me presentation

Happy Be Happy Me Presentation

Cheers, Ernst


Here you can find the temporary project website: