Request: looking to interview potato farmers about their production process


I’m Kyriakos Ermeidis
I am postgraduate student from Greece and I’m in Holland for a research, The topic of my research is the comparison between Dutch growers of potato (ware) and Greek growers. I want to understand for what reasons the dutch farmer produce with these low cost and sell with these low prices.
If one Greek farmer sells with these prices,his production will be unprofitable and the cost will be bigger than revenue.
I’m interested only for ware potatoes,for potatoes for consumption.No seed,no starch!!!

That I want from you is one contact,one connection with some farmers ,I want to make a discussion with them and after of that I want for the farmers to fill in my questionnaire. All the results of questionnaire and my all research will be public to my university webpage.
The data will doesn’t use for any other purpose, only for my course.


Hi Kyriakos,

thanks for posting your request on our forum.

I know that @Pieter and @derk are potato farmers. Maybe they are willing to share some insights in how they do things.


Hi Kyriakos,
I am a seedpotato grower, may be I can help you.

Derk Gesink


I’m interested for ware potato because ,the direction of my thesis is potatoes for consumption.
Do you have friends or anyonle else who can help me?
You consider that can help me with another aim?
Your help is acceptable.Please check your messages,Derk


Most of the consumer potatogrowers are in the south of the netherlands. I live in the north. May be a company specialised in storages systems can help you, they have a lot of clients who grow consumer potato´s

Derk Gesink


Thank you very much,i’m obliged to you


Good evening.
I will introduce to my thesis and seed potato growers,Now I’m at Emmelord,if you have time I would like to meet you.
I have completed my questionnaire and if you want I will send you. is my e-mail.
I’m looking forward to your reply