๐Ÿ‘‹ Introductions ๐Ÿ‘‹


Welcome to the FarmHack Forum! We are delighted to have you and are curious about your background and interest in agri tech/IT.

Please tell us something about yourself and what brought you here by replying to this topic.


Iโ€™ll kick off the introductions rounds: Iโ€™m an IT consultant specialised in geographical information and GIS.

Within the FarmHack team Iโ€™m responsible for the technical and community aspects of our events and projects.

What initially drew me to agri was the abundance of geographical information. What made me stay is a newly found fascination with farming as a whole.


Hi. I 'll follow Simeonโ€™s example. I am Josien, together with Anne full time at the Wageningen core of FarmHack.
I have been a dairy farmer ('s wife, actually-- still 've got the husband, but we are no longer at the farm) for 12 years.
Also, I am a land&water management engineer interested in collective progress in rural settings. I practised this in different locations: from distributing Nile water in Egypt to benefitting from data now in Dutch agri.
Excited to have this online hangout for our evolving community, hoping to hear introโ€™s also from youโ€ฆ

Who is Who at the Big Data for Bees Hackathon


My name is Sigmar. Im from Estonia and Im a beekeeper and a Ph.D. student at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, where my field of study is honeybees diseases - in short, Iโ€™m studying a pathogen that may be one of the co-causes of the beeโ€™s death (Nosema a. and Nosema c.). My main research area is to find how and whether Interaction of pesticides and pathogens affect honeybee health.

Managing about 150 colonies by myself and growing every year, next year I would like to send about 250 colonies to โ€œsurvive the winter!โ€ :slight_smile:

So far I`ve been in one hackathon and our team ended up in second place. I believe that with my beekeeping and science experiences, I suit pretty well here and looking forward to meeting all of you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them :slight_smile: