Groene Cirkels Bijenlandschap Challenge


There are many interesting initiatives on bees, by ngo’s, civilians, farmers and many others. In some instances, initiatives are strongholds of public - private collaborations, aiming for regional bee friendly green infrastructures. This is what we are aiming for as Groene Cirkels Bijenlandschap. Our efforts have already resulted in an increase in the number of bee species by 34% in three years! Our initiative is ready to scale up, the Province of Zuid Holland wants to see our approach implemented province-wide.

We dream big! These are our goals:

  1. Create a cohesive ecological network that functions as a bee landscape where wild bees, the honeybee and other pollinators can find enough food, nesting places and shelter and where they can survive sustainably. We monitor this by requesting data from participating partners on location and size of bee-friendly areas, adding them to a GIS file for analysis. We evaluate whether preconditions are met (Bed & Breakfast areas, connecting landscape, refueling stations) in the right size and configuration, or whether there are still gaps.
  2. In 2023, 30% of the species that are nationally stable or even deteriorate ànd occur in the area of ‘​​Groene Cirkel Bijenlandschap’, have a positive trend in the monitoring locations; in 2030, 50% of the species that are nationally stable or even deteriorate ànd occur in the area of ‘Groene Cirkel Bijenlandschap’, have a positive trend in the monitoring locations;
  3. In 2023 the total species diversity in the area increased by 10% compared to 2015; in 2030, the total species richness in the area has increased by 20% compared to 2015.
  4. In 2023, the average species diversity per monitoring location increased by 15% compared to 2015; in 2030, the average species diversity per monitoring location has increased by 30% compared to 2015.
  5. In 2023, the meadow bee increased in acreage compared to 2015; in 2023 the yellow-tailed clover sand, the klaverdikpoot, the peat bumblebee, the black-bronze wood mason and the black-spotted wood masonry have re-appeared in the area; In 2030 the meadow bee, the yellow-tailed clover sand bee, the clove leg, the peat bumblebee, black bronze carpenter’s bee and the black-spotted wood mason bee increased in area by 2023; in 2030, the sand bumblebee and the moss bumblebee have re appeared in the area.

We need your help!

The challenge

In order for our initiative to have a greater impact and contribute even more to the overarching goals of the Dutch Pollinator strategy, and also to have our initiative systemically contribute to the pool of research data on pollinators, we want to make our initiative SMARTer (= Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Time-related) and also improve our ability to monitor our SMARTer goals. Part of the challenge is to take into account regional differences in potency for the occurrence of bee species.

We offer access to our data, our model, you will have remote access to IT/datamodel support from WenR, and bee experts during the hackathon.


  • Scientific model of WEnR designed for Green Circle BeeLandscape, consisting of Bed & Breakfast, Connected Landscape, stepping stones and refueling stations.
  • Information on eco-profiles
  • Analysis results based on scientific model
  • Monitoring results from 2015 and 1018
  • Data from the National Flora and Fauna Database
  • Cobra data (data on trees)
  • Maps on bee hotspots per municipality (via NL Zoemt).
  • Trend data on species
  • Data on the relation between pollination and seed setting of food crops and wild plants.
  • Data on air quality, water quality and other environmental factors

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Hi Nieke, had to run home for kids, couldn’t stay till the end.

BenB the serious game challenge adopted/integrated. I think with the data collected next year by happybeehappyme-app can go great in your circle model. In a neighbourhood with a very active school and many kids in same streets. whole HappyBee ‘strips’/zones can popup out off the school action data in your circles.

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