Farming for Nature Challenge


We need smart rewarding schemes to support farmers for nature inclusive farming. The Biodiversity Monitor for Dairy Farming uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the environmental performance of dairy farms. If we can measure it, we can reward farmers for their performance for nature and contribute to new business models for farmers.

An important indicator is herb rich grassland, which also has a positive effect on aboveground biodiversity, such as nectar as food for bees. Earlier this year during the Rewarding Nature hackathon we looked into machine learning techniques and satellite data (optical and radar) to provide new insights.


The idea for the Big Data for Bees hackathon is to develop an additional building block for the Biodiversity Monitor that focuses on wild pollinators. The challenge will be presented by Jacomijn Pluimers of WNF, on behalf of the other Rewarding Nature partners (BoerenNatuur, RVO). Results will be part of further discussions within the coalition for Biodiversity Monitor for Dairy Farming (FrieslandCampina, Rabobank)

Available tools and data

  1. Bird’s AI offer beautiful data via an API, which concerns a first version (!) of mowing and harvesting classifications as well as spectral indices aggregated to plot level on the basis of the BRP, or other custom geometries. The Bird’s AI team are present for hands on support!
  2. Team HERBee developed a performance indicator to provide farmers with an overview and insight into their biodiversity performances. The app automatically imports data from other applications, and also leaves room for the farmer to supplement or correct data himself.
  3. AgroDataCube: provides RESTful APIs for a large number of Dutch open agri data such as Agrarisch Agricultural Parcels (2012 - 2017), daily weather (1950 - 2018) as well as a height map of The Netherlands (AHN)
  4. Additional RVO data and groundtruth data (p.m.)

Who is Who at the Big Data for Bees Hackathon
About the Big Data for Bees Hackathon

Result from our World Cafe session:


  1. Engage farmers in biodiversity monitoring => more specifically for now=> bee hospitiability
  2. Reward Farmers for biodiversity / bee hospitability

so… we need a baseline with biodiversity ‘maps’ on an agricultural plot basis.

the map might be built up from different sources like agrodatacube, RVO data, and satellite image data (like herb-rich grassland)

It might also present a certain ‘score’ for perceived or estimated bee friendlyness.

To engage farmers we want them to feel the data is theirs, to engage with the data, and add to data. So we are looking for a dashboard tool for farmers to add his or her perspective to the data.

the farmers perspective could be made up of annotated geo-referenced pictures
or pictures made by others eg from
or counts or results from regional projects

It would be nice if the dashboard is versatile in terms of input of data from different sources, as well as in terms of output formats.

Boerennatuur and WNF, together with farmers, want to use the dashboard to get serious about rewarding farmers for ecosystem services. Reward can come both from chain partners (companies buying the product) as well as other companies (banks, financials) as well as more public entities like (local) government, nature conservation, water boards, drinking water companies etc.

These “farmer feedback” will enrich other data sources, such as

Decision Support for Beekeepers challenge

beterschap! we at challenge 6 ‘farming for nature’ might want to include you. check us out.

Who is Who at the Big Data for Bees Hackathon

Ah great! All the best there! How can I be of help? is there a chatroom?


We have Giiter: I can make a new room if you want.


Ok, you’re all set up:

It would be great if you can post some updates in this thread from time to time.

username: bhdemo5
password: 380zIhgB69Of


helloooo here is the final presentation


should we have named our product “AirBnbee”?


hi turan, is it possible to have a (remote) walk through of what you did?


I will get in touch so we can create some fireworks!!! (or whatever makes farmers excited…)


marcel dank, fantastisch aanbod van je, hartverwarmend. Twee teams hebben inmiddels aan een dashboard gewerkt, maar geen van beide hebben hun resultaten beschikbaar gesteld, om verscheidene redenen, bv dat ze er zelf mee verder willen. Na de vakantie gaan we de boel weer oppakken en ik denk dat de “pollinator potential” daar heel goed in zou passen.