Data Governance


I just found this interesting article, about the Agricultural Data Coalition. Is anyone familiar with this group?


Not familiar but seems interesting


not familiair, will read soon.
nog een mogelijk interessante bron rond data en data governance: de ANWB… heeft zélf veel belang bij data (verkoopt diensten: ANWB connected car) en werpt zich tegelijkertijd op als beschermer van autobezitters’ data tov de autofabrikanten. Is anwb per saldo eigenlijk een datacoop?
My car my data - ANWB


In de UK is de ODI druk bezig met het concept “Data Trusts”. Er loopt een lijntje met de head research (Peter Wells). We hebben als @FarmHack gekeken of ze landbouw als onderzoeksgebied zouden prioriteren. Is niet het geval, maar evengoed wordt er veel interessante kennis ontwikkeld. Bijvoorbeeld: “International Law firm Pinsent Masons has been appointed by the Open Data Institute to advise on the legal aspects of establishing data trusts

Quote ODI:
“Data trusts are one potential way to increase sharing of data and unlock more social and economic benefits from data while protecting other interests such as people’s privacy, corporate confidentiality or, as in the pilot we’re doing on data about endangered animals, our environment. The ODI is also looking at other approaches to increased access to data, including data sharing models such as those adopted by the European innovation programme Data Pitch, where large organisations share data with startups in order to fuel innovation and answer specific challenges.”


Besides farmers (or car owners) having to share their data there are interesting other options, such as using partial learning for ML and AI, and learning from fully anonymised data.