About the ISOBlue project


ISOBlue 2.0 is an open source hardware + software platform for collecting real-time data from agricultural machines (tractors, combines, etc.) and sending it to the Cloud, see https://www.isoblue.org for more information.

ISOBlue is a project by the Open Ag(ricultue) Technology and Systems group at Purdue University.

Blog: https://www.isoblue.org/blog/
Documentation: https://www.isoblue.org/docs/bom.html
GitHub: https://github.com/ISOBlue
Forum users: @aultac and @wang701

Dutch ISOBlue

@auke and @roel have started building a Dutch ISOBlue.


@auke and @roel have started working on The First Dutch ISOBlue!


Heads up! Upcoming webinar on the 25th of October > ADAPT for Data Interoperability, brought to you by AgGateway Europe and IOF202:

One of the biggest problems farmers face is the interoperability of farming equipment due to different digital standards. This lack of interoperability is not only obstructing the adoption of new IoT technologies and slowing down their growth in Europe, it also inhibits the gain of production efficiency through smart farming methods. The ADAPT framework is an interoperability solution for field operations data that is being adopted around the world. Hear from representatives of AgGateway and the IOF 2020 Farm Machine Interoperability Project about how this solution works and how you can get started today.



(nb: if you are looking to read up on the progress of @Auke and @Roel and the Isoblue: check out this post)

We are now preparing for our next Isoblue activity (logging data on soil compaction at @derk and @Pieter). We are doing some research. Interesting results are being booked AgGateway’s ADAPT and IOF2020. For those of you who want to stay tuned & read up, the results of the before mentioned webinar were provided to all webinar registrants:

Only to confirm: Is there any cost to use the ADAPT plug-in? and… all vocabulary adjustments are made by the company that has the desire to integrate with the plug-in, correct? AgGateway provides a list with the correct names and we make the adjustments before beginning the integration?

Hi, many customers would visualize output data on Excel format. It can be useful a plugin to export on Excel? Note from Jim: I don’t think we answered this question. I apologize for missing it.

Quick question, reference data would for example be data about the machine that one needs to correctly interpret the data?

Can we legally publish code implementing ISO-11783?

If I collect Information from the ISOBUS of a machine (through CAN) can I process this RAW information in ADAPT and get maps from it?

Is there some adoption/interest about Adapt from the animal husbandry industry?
Can the ADAPT data model describe weather, soil and plant (e.g. leaf wetness) related measurements?

Who enters the data in the context items and how is it maintained if something changes?

When talking about real time (in IOF), do we talk about Milliseconds of transport time or are Seconds to a minute are still seen as “real Time” for the use cases?

Does the ISOXML ADAPT Plugin already support TLG.bin-Files?

Can we see ADAPT as an extension of ISOBUS in terms of data model? there a common elements I suppose.

Regarding ISO XML and ADAPT to make it very clear: I suppose YIELD e.g. has the same meaning/ID in ISOXML and ADAPT or not?

This seems to focus a lot on taking data from machinery and putting it into data analysis tools. What about getting the outputs from those tools (e.g. variable rate maps) and sending those back to machinery?